Jane Jane Pollock – Poor Pretty Jane

Jane Jane Pollock is an American art-pop band signed on Elestial Sound.

Their description at Elestial Sound reads:

Jane Jane Pollock is an experimental-pop quintet that formed in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. Often found border hopping for slumber party practices in a comfy trailer hidden in the woods of Thomasville, their music ranges from a haunted carnival to a hyper moldy children’s toy marching band. Pots and pans, glockenspiel, mandolin, space echo, Wandering Genie organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, jangly guitars, drum machines, 2 female vocals and 1 male crooner comprise their sound.  They originally released their self-titled album on their own label Flea Ridden Kitten, but they were nice enough to place it in our collective hands. The rest is a mystery.


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