Toshi Ichiyanagi – 柳慧 / Music For Living Space 1969

Japanese avant-garde composer Toshi Ichiyanagi made Music For Living Space for the inner “Future Section” of the Sun Tower (太陽の塔) at the 1970 World Expo in Osaka (日本万国博覧会). A computer-generated voice reads Sun Tower architect Kisyo Kurokawa(黒川紀章)’s artistic manifesto.

One of his most notable works is the 1960 composition, Kaiki, which combined Japanese instruments, shō and koto, and western instruments, harmonica and saxophone. Another work Distance (1961) requires the performers to play from a distance of three meters from their instruments. Anima 7 (1964) states that chosen action should be performed “as slowly as possible.”

Source: Wikipedia.


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