Lenhart Tapes – O, da!

Oh Yes! Tape music is on the rise all over the world!

Lenhart Tapes (Vladimir Lenhart) was one of the favourites of this year’s Resonate Festival in Belgrade.

Review written by Tristan Bath, The Quietus:

“Based in Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad, Lenhart seems to exclusively use tape players to make his music. He stands behind a table with four old portable cassette players on it, and bursts into action, slamming cassettes in to them, bashing play and stop buttons, and generally looking like he’s about to angrily smash everything in sight. Each ‘song’ basically consists of a looped 4/4 industrial rhythm (presumably on a homemade cassette of his own), while randomly chosen middle-eastern chants and other madness bump and grind deafeningly on top. People actually try to dance! Saxophones blast out of one cassette, while freeform white noises spills out the other. Lenhart grabs a walkman, yanks it open and starts smudging and scraping the tape itself, twisting the Walkmen’s innards to craft new strange sounds. There’s other sections that see him strangely manipulating the fast-forward function to locust-like effect. It’s a grand, shocking and utterly confusing bit of culture jamming – like the city of Belgrade herself.”


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