Okkyung Lee – The Crow Flew After Yi Sang

Okkyung Lee is an experimental cellist. She began her career in traditional Korean spheres but quickly got taken in the wonderfulness that is experimental and improvisational music. Read a very informative interview with her on The Quietus.

“her sound is as tense and strained as it is free and easy. It moves effortlessly from the stretching, pulling and straining of strings to ethereal sounds rising and fading like smoke wisps, a sound that resonates from the gap between two discourses, resisting both ‘traditional’ musical territories and the idiom of ‘free improvisation’. This unique approach, explored via tireless collaborations with the likes of Chris Corsano, Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Christian Marclay, Lisa Ullén, Lasse Marhaug, and C. Spencer Yeh, and solo efforts, including Nihm (2005), I Saw The Ghost Of An Unknown Soul And It Said (2008), Noisy Love Songs (2010) and Ghil, has proven Lee as one of the most exciting and challenging figures in contemporary improvisation and performance. “


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