Underground Resistance – Hardlife (Aaron Carl remix)

Some old-school Detroit techno from Underground Resistance remixed by Aaron Carl.

A couple of words on each act:

Underground Resistance is a subversive musical collective and a record label from Detroit. Started by Mike Banks and Jeff Mills in the late 1980s, UR have been promoting political activism by means of the significance of Detroit techno for the predominately African American communities.
The Reagan era saw the decay of the inner-city, which in turn geared on the techno movement towards ideas of change on both political and personal level, e.g. by means of encouraging the social mobility of lower class AA population.
The collective has been adamant in their rejection of commercialized techno and have always kept independent from major labels.
Listen to their original version of Hardlife.

Aaron Carl (Aaron-Carl Ragland) was an American DJ and a founder of house music labels Wallshaker Music and Cherry Juice Recordings. In addition, he has released material on Underground Resistance whose work he often remixed.
Other artists he remixed include Scan 7, Aux 88 and Kelli Hand (K-Hand). He tragically passed away from lymphoma at only 37 years of age.


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