Jib Kidder

Jib Kidder releases his album Teaspoon To The Ocean today and I’m super excited about it!

I read the excellent Dazed Digital interview with him and here are some quotes:

“I like to work with ideas I don’t fully understand. It’s a kind of hunting, to try and force a world together and then find the most alive thing in it and capture it”

“Rap is my hugest influence, definitely: a lot of Atlanta rap, but, perhaps more than that, the 1990s Memphis cassette underground: early Triple 6 mixtapes, DJ Spanish Fly, Shawty Pimp. How rap is influencing my music is always evolving. With my first record, “All on Yall” I tried to capture a certain psychedelic feeling I discovered in rap music and take it further out and also to find a meeting place between the sampling methods of rap and the sampling methods of artists like John Oswald or Dennis Duck. I started to see a lot of connectivity between rap music and other music like how the gong in a Gamelan is like the 808 boom in Miami bass. Now, years later, I’m exploring songwriting more and so the influence is operating at a different level of zoom, like you said, it has to do with a sense of space but also it comes through in a sense of time: on one level in ideas of syncopation and on another in ideas of flow, of a resistance to resolution. The way “Appetites” just sort of spins around instead of going somewhere comes from rap music. ”

“Your Etudes album is a classic Bandcamp; and “an etude” the French word for “a study”. What would you you like to teach our readers?
Jib Kidder: Well, thank you for that. I think of the act of study there as happening between me and composition, as an attempt to discover new potentials through illuminating accident. I composed those pieces by rearranging improvised phrases. The edits were minimal but impactful. In the traditional sense, études are intended to teach the serious student of music the playing of her instrument. It would be great to get some sheet music printed of those pieces so serious students of the piano, banjo and guitar could master their secrets.”

You Tweeted that Vietnam is home to some of the most beautiful music in the world. Could you recommend some tracks for us please?
Jib Kidder: I’m not sure that they qualify as tracks per se but I can recommend performance youtubes. Street performers with high echo karaoke vocals, the wild bends of scalloped fret guitars. String playing that is wet, the way Hendrix’s playing was wet, you know, dripping, spilling, uncontainable.”

“I’m working on a record made with drum machines and feedback loops as Joyn Holzcek, the name is a joke Lou Reed made about Columbia’s plans for the release of Metal Machine Music. I’m using the collage methods of my other releases but with the palette of feedback it has a pretty distinct vibe. It’s good for listening to on the subway or when you’re getting a cavity filled. When you get dental work, that’s some of the most insane noises you’ll ever hear, like the screams of tiny electric animals, like the hyper-amplified squeals of dying waterbears.”


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