The Normal – Warm Leatherette

It was about time the Daniel Miller aka The Normal made the appearance here with the cult song Warm Leatherette.

From Wikipedia:

In 1977, Miller had split up with his girlfriend. A friend suggested that he read a book he himself had just finished. The book was Crash (1973) by J.G. Ballard.[1] He felt that Ballard’s writing took him five minutes into the future; the novel was to be a major influence in the music he would produce as The Normal.[1] Miller was disillusioned by the fact you needed to learn three chords to be in a punk band, so he decided to purchase a synthesiser. His thinking was that you only needed to learn to press one key on a synthesiser.[1] After buying a Korg 700s synthesiser from Macari’s music shop in London,[1] Miller recorded and released a single under the name The Normal. This was “T.V.O.D.”/”Warm Leatherette“. Both tracks were minimalist electronic songs influenced by the Crash novel.[1] He wanted the sound of the recordings to be visual, like driving along a highway between large buildings then going through a tunnel.[1] The single was recorded in Daniel Miller’s house using a TEAC four track tape recorder and the Korg synthesiser.[2]


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