FACT Magazine: The 20 best cassettes of 2014 – PART I

Here is the summary of Fact’s Top 20 cassettes of 2014:

20. AU+
(Minimal Trend)
HL: Room
“great job of mixing cold electronics and spoken word”
“a strong minimal wave element at play”

Chills + Trills
(Never Normal)
HL: Jump Rope, See It All
“The simple, infectious rhythm and overbearing bass provide the perfect jumping off point for Analogue’s intoxicating layered vocals”
“It cuts through glass.”

18. D/A/D
The Construct
(Hausu Mountain)
HL: Love Will Make You Stay
“the Aphasia label and the various artists surrounding it (namely Starforce and Perterubator), and D/A/D (aka Zach Robinson) fits perfectly into that neon world.”
“So many of the ’80s revivalists are doing the whole thing with such an obnoxious amount of irony that I can’t be bothered, but D/A/D knows what’s up.”

17. DORVAL & DEVEREAUX (Crystal Dorval – aka White Poppy and Beau Devereaux – aka Samantha Glass)
Dorval & Devereaux
(Moon Glyph)

HL: Heavy Hands, Early Morning Rides
“No Wave dread creeps throughout ‘Heavy Hands’, while ‘Early Morning Rides’ is reminiscent of early Peaking Lights submerged in cough syrup.”

16. M SAGE
Data in the Details
(Geographic North)

“M. Sage already released an incredible double-album this year (on his own Patient Sounds label), so Data in the Details is a bonus. Presented as two separate edits of the same piece, both sides of this tape are rewarding in their own specific ways.”

Yogyakarta/Dead Roads
“Dour Tonic Input gets things started with gamelan-style samples, providing the perfect mix of Eastern-tinged scales and forward-thinking electronics. It’s utterly hypnotic and impeccably pieced together – easily 30 of the best minutes of music I’ve heard all year. DJ Votive offers up the antitdote with half an hour of expertly mixed gaslight shimmer. The breaks are perfect, the atmosphere sublime… Dead Roads is a work of wonder, making for an astounding 60 minutes of music.”

A Song That Can Exist
(Jehu & Chinamen)
“Comparisons to Angelo Badalamenti & Scott Walker might be stretching it, but at least provide a jumping off point. Scammers (aka Phil Diamond) lays everything out, getting personal to the point of making the listener uncomfortable.”

Treehut Visions
(Sacred Phrases)
HL: Treehut Vision
“His music is deceiving in that it sounds very simple on first listen, but the more one gets drawn in, the more obvious it becomes that Schlinz is truly onto something beautiful and cathartic. The 30-minute title track is one of my favorite long-form compositions I’ve heard all year.”

(Noumenal Loom)
“Every time Japan’s footwork guru has a new full-length, I prepare myself for total confusion and, without fail, DRUM DESU delivers.”
“I try making sense of the sequencing, but the further down that rabbithole I go, the more I’m convinced that in FOODMAN’s world, everyone is forever lost and forever thrilled about it.”

Fallen Angels
(Geographic North)
HL: Jungle, Recall
“Pop influences mesh with industrial nods to create an EP that is strangely beautiful and infinitely engaging.”


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