Jessy Lanza: Music To… Cheer Yourself Up To (Mix)

Jessy Lanza is definitely the discovery of the past two years for me. She is a standout alt-soul artist working with superior producers. Here is her latest mix:

“I did most of this mix on my computer in a waiting room. This sounds selfish but the whole time I was trying to cheer myself up. I hope that somebody else finds it cheery. As Dan Snaith would say, it’s all about the bangers and ballads.” @jessylanza

Jessy Lanza – Guess what (Unreleased)
Tory Lanez – Henny In Hand
Ongina Interlude
2nyo – Roll with me
Addison Groove feat. Dj rashad – U Been Gone
Spinn/Taso / Jessy lanza – Unreleased
Spinn + Taso – Burn That Kush
Delroy Edwards – Anotha Lonely Night (Twelve A.M)
Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis Jr. – What’s it Gonna Be?
Juke Wilson – Tell Me.
Crackboy & Jean Nipon – Ligne Onze
Buchla – Four Tet (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)
French Fries & Bambounou – What’s Up Evan
Jeffrey Osborne – Plane love.
Virgo – Take Me Higher.
Funkinevil – In the grid.
Larry Heard – Missing you.
Delroy Edwards – Laced With Water.
Sharaya J – Takin It No More
Mouse On Mars vs. Junior Boys – Putty tart.


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