Axemen – Three Virgins

From Youtube link description:

AXEMEN are from New Zealand, this clip features four songs from the rare double vinyl gatefold LP “Three Virgins/Three Versions/Three Visions” (1986 Flying Nun Records FN049) recorded by musicologist the late, great Larence N. Shustak (1926-2003). Filmed on 16mm Bolex in Dunedin and Christchurch by AXEMEN and Laurence Lens.

From Wikipedia:

The Axemen is a New Zealand band formed in 1983.

They played at the protests for homosexual law reform in 1983, with member Little Stevie McCabe being severely beaten up in the Christchurch Cathedral Square toilets.

In February 2009, US record label Siltbreeze re-released the Axemen’s 1984 protest album “Big Cheap Motel” [6] on 12″ vinyl. Originally the album was released as a cassette packaged in a small bubble-sleeve with a straw, mimicking the milk drink “Big M” that the album was aimed at. The Axemen were invited to play at Christchurch’s “Summertimes” Festival in January 1984, a public music stage set up in Hagley Park. The band was shocked by the large-scale sexist “Big M” advertising surrounding the main stage, and decided to write a suite of protest songs about how the Christchurch City Council had “sold out” to the “Big M” sexist marketing. The Axemen recorded the concert, as well as studio versions of their songs and released a 45 min cassette entitled, “Big Cheap Motel”.[7] Siltbreeze later the same year re-released ‘Scary! pt III’, an experimental album featuring small-form collaborations with sublime Chch artist Lissa Bruce, and multiple band incarnations from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Wow, they seem amazing! Also, there were so many different people taking part in the band on and off, see the Wiki page for the extensive list.


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