Tracklist: Japan Blues Boiler Room

Have been scouting the youtube page of this video. Yes, again. Can’t get it out of my mind.

What the kind peoples of Youtube discovered so far:

@ beginning Stomu Yamashta – My Little Partner

@ 20 minutes Femini Flyers . Like You See (so annoying that I can’t find the link, the best song in the whole mix)

44:00   Fuji Keiko – Kamagasaki Jinnsei from Keiko no Nippon Hitori Aruki 『藤圭子 - 釜が崎人生』 圭子のにっぽんひとりあるき 収録

@ 49:00 Miharu Koshi – Scandal Night (1983)

@ 1:07:00 Jagatara – Baby

@ 1:14:40 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos

@ 1:12:00 Chimei Manabe – Untotooku (mysterious girl)

Last update:16/9/2014


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