Saint Dymphna

Seriuosly. Today I’ve dicsovered that one of teh best ablums of all times is not Saint Dysphonia but Saint DYMPHNA.

According to Wikipedia, Dymphna was the daughter of a pagan Irish king and his Christian wife in the 7th century AD. She was murdered by her father. The story of St. Dymphna was first recorded in the thirteenth century by a canon of the Church of St.Aubert at Cambrai, commissioned by the Bishop of Cambrai, Guy I (1238–1247 AD). The author expressly states that his writings were based upon a longstanding oral tradition and a persuasive history of inexplicable and miraculous healings of the mentally ill.

I can’t I can’t. Gang Gang Dance is such a TROLL band. And I love it.

The cover of this album is the cover photo of this blog. In case you haven’t googled the album yet.

Here is one of the signature tracks of their sound, Desert Storm.


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